Remembering Family

Remembering family: A picture of my grandparent Schwebes’ house. My dad grew up here as the youngest of 4 children.

The Mott house is located on the south side of Middle Country Road. It is just east of Homestead drive, which was known as Earth Road in the 1800’s. Earth Road connected Coram and Yaphank. The house is directly across from the Coram police station. The home was built in 1824 on land originally owned by William C. Howell. The home was built on stones laid on the ground.

The original parcel consisted of 30 acres. The 1870 census has Albert Mott and his wife Joanna living in the house with their seven children. Mr. Mott and his son William had their occupations listed as seaman.

The Mott’s turned the home and farm over to their daughter Lavina and her husband Dr. Isaac Smith.

The home still retains many of its original features. Some of the windows in the front of the house still have original glass panes. The original plank floors are on the second floor, and the original cherrywood stair railing is still there.

Over the years the house has become the victim of neglect. Members of local civic organizations would like to see the house restored before another part of our rich history is destroyed.

And then ...

Historic Mott House to be reconstructed

mott house
Mott House

Thanks to donated labor costs from the Long Island Builder’s Institute, the historic Mott House is now being reconstructed in its original location. On the corner of Homestead Avenue and Middle Country Road in Coram, the original stones were laid in 1824 by William C. Howell. Seaman Albert Mott and his wife lived there with their seven children.

The house collapsed in September 2009 during a scheduled cleaning by the Town of Brookhaven. Once the project reaches completion, the Gordon Heights Chamber of Commerce will work out of the reconstructed Mott House.

Brookhaven Councilwoman Connie Kepert said, “This is a great opportunity for business-minded people from Gordon Heights and surrounding areas to come together to help business grow and prosper, which will help stimulate the economy and create jobs.”

This is the one-room schoolhouse that my dad went to school in throughout elementary and high school:


This final picture is of the church cemetery where my grandparents, uncles, an aunt and family friends.

It is part of the church where my dad and his siblings were baptized and then confirmed, where my parents were married, where my grand-mother played the piano and taught Sunday School, where my grandfather served as a trustee and usher, and where four of the five children in my birth family were baptized.


“I have no greater joy than this, to hear that my children are walking in the truth.” ~ 3 John 4

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