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I love this idea! And I know what I will be adding next. What do you think? Do you do ink?

Now I have to admit I don’t think anyone should go out and get a tattoo because they like looking at someone else’s, or because they are in love with a person, or even because it’s an accepted form of expressing yourself. Yet I do think that if you have really thought about having something permanently placed on your body AND you have the full & complete support of your parents, friends, community members, and children (yes, children!) ~ then do it. Do it in a way that glorifies God. Make a statement of your faith, belief and hope. And realize that you will be criticized by some, age will catch up to you one day, and gravity will take its toll. But I am STILL going to get that next one … 🙂

Tenn. studio offer tats for toys donated for kids 

In memory of Matthew and to the Glory of God

A Memphis tattoo artist is offering body art in exchange for donated toys for children in need.

Toys for Tattoos has become an annual event at Jay Guzman’s House of Ink. Guzman says it’s so busy that he doesn’t even count the number of people coming into his shop.

In exchange for a new toy worth at least $25, the donor gets a tattoo or a piercing of equal value, according to The Commercial Appeal.

The toys go to Agape (ah-GAH’-pey) Child and Family Services, a nonprofit that provides homeless services, mentoring, foster care, adoption, maternity services and counseling. The charity distributes them to children in need.

The Tattoos for Toys event is in its fourth year and runs Monday through Wednesday.

Guzman says he’s a Christian who wants to give back. “Everybody associates tattoo artists with being criminals, bikers, degenerates — and I’m a believing Christian and I believe what better way to be Christ-like than by giving back,” Guzman told the news.

See, I have inscribed you on the palms of my hands;
   your walls are continually before me. 

Then all flesh shall know
   that I am the Lord your Saviour,
   and your Redeemer, the Mighty One of Jacob. 

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