A Heavenly Feast

Walking Through Heaven:
God is walking through heaven. He comes to the area of heaven where the mice are playing. He asks: “Is everything all right?” The mice say, “yes.” He asks: “Is there any way I can make things even better for you?” The mice think about it and say: “Well, you know that heaven is very big and we are very small. It’s hard to get places fast.” So God thinks a moment and gives them all roller skates.

A few weeks later, God is visiting the part of heaven where the cats are. He asks them: “How are things for you?” They say: “Purr-fect!” He then asks: “How could I make Heaven better for you?” And they say: “We can’t think of anything, Lord, since you sent us Meals on Wheels.”

My God will meet your every need out of his riches in the glory that is found in Christ Jesus. Let glory be given to God our Father forever and always.Amen. ~ Philippians 4.19-20

Don’t you just know that God knows what it is we need before we even ask!
But what a blessing it is to be in such intimate relationship that we are able to bring our smallest concerns to Him.

Oh, God, I thank you for the privilege and the gift of living
in a world filled with beauty and excitement, wonder and continuing change.

I thank you for the gift of loving and the gift of being loved.
Thank you for the gift of friendships and understanding and meaningful work.
I thank you for the delight of my gentle pets and
the awesome magnificence of your creatures that wander in the forest and on the plains.
Thank you for the green of the grass, the flowering blossoms of the trees,
the sound of water as it washes the air, and the breeze that blows and dries the earth.

I thank you for the joy found in the sounds of music and children’s laughter,
For a community of people sharing thoughts and conversation
and books to read and reflections to ponder.

Most of all, Oh God, thank you for hearing my heart prayers and whispering
your love for me through all the gifts I see and all those yet to be seen.
Amen. Amen. Amen.

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