New Jim Crow: MINISTRY ALERT JUNE 13 – 19TH, 2011

From Samuel DeWitt Proctor Conference, Inc.:

In Why We Can’t Wait, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. suggested that Juneteenth should be:“remembered not as a celebration, but rather a commemoration of the one moment in the country’s history when a bold, brave start had been made, and a rededication was at hand- the redemption of that noble journey toward the goals reflected in the preamble to the constitution, the constitution itself, the Bill of Rights and the thirteenth, fourteenth, and fifteenth amendments.” 

Martin Luther King, Jr.
Cover of Martin Luther King, Jr.

We are calling for a national week of education, advocacy and action in the spirit of Juneteenth, culminating Sunday, June 19th.  The Drug Policy Alliance has designated June 17th as a date to note the 40thanniversary of President Nixon’s declaration of the War on Drugs, which was a watershed moment in setting up the New Jim Crow System.  We will link our Juneteenth week to that designation as well.

The Juneteenth Sunday and release of our New Jim Crow Study Guide will begin a SDPC national awareness initiative to address the War on Drugs. SDPC will encourage an annual service of worship in the African American faith tradition that seeks to maintain focus on restorative justice and the dismantling of racism in America. Please mark the week of June 13th on your calendar and help us reach others in your local communities and networks.  Our plans include the following:

§  We will electronically release to our network our first draft of the SDPC educational resource tool,The New Jim Crow Study Guide, around which faith- based and secular study groups can have on-going and engaged conversations about the war on drugs and mass incarceration.

§  We will prepare liturgical materials and bulletin inserts to be used as a part of the worship service.

§  We will have a publisher’s special promotional offer for the hardback and softback edition of The New Jim Crow.

§ We will implement your suggestions from the 2011 conference and begin our convenings and efforts to foster new strategic linkages and collaborations to expand the capacity of the local church to offer new models of prison ministries and advocacy for reform.

We are requesting the following support from you:

1. Designate a contact on your ministry team as a liaison to our office for purposes of coordinating our efforts with this work.

2. On June 19th, plan to review, announce and use our educational, liturgical and collateral materials for ministries and worship [study guide, fact sheets, litany].

3. Consider doing a video/audio tape on this initiative for your broadcasts, live streaming, podcasts, website, You Tube (we will write several scripts and do final edits as needed).

4. Coordinate a press conference/media event with other local clergy (we will draft a letter/press release)

(Read full announcement at: MINISTRY ALERT JUNE 13 – 19TH, 2011.)

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