Photo A Day {Week 2}

So far I’m doing pretty darn good on this Photo A Day stuff. Here is this weeks recap:

Day 8 is a look inside my wallet

day 8 wallet 500x500 Photo A Day {Week 2}

Day 9 is a younger me. Well a younger me I’m willing to share – this is my college graduation photo from 2006.

day 9 younger you 500x333 Photo A Day {Week 2}

Day 10 is something cold.

day 10 cold 500x500 Photo A Day {Week 2}

Day 11 is where I eat breakfast. And um I don’t but I drink coffee every morning. Does this count?

day 11 breakfast 500x500 Photo A Day {Week 2}

Day 12 is a photo of stairs.

day 12 stairs 500x500 Photo A Day {Week 2}

Day 13 is something I found. And this is the BEST bumper sticker – pay attention to the heart.

day 13 something found 500x500 Photo A Day {Week 2}

Lastly, Day 14 is how I feel. The night before I took this photo I finished my nice gift from the Easter Bunny.

day 14 feel 500x500 Photo A Day {Week 2}

2012 signature Photo A Day {Week 2}

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