About …Me!

Jesus gal, U. Meth preachr, Princess, shoe fan, survivor. Confident (assertive) proclaimer of God’s grace. “Who am I?” This is as close as I can get so far!

I am a wife, mother, daughter, disciple, preacher, pastor, student, teacher, writer, God-follower, God-worshiper,

… and the list goes on! Most importantly, I am on the way to becoming who I was created to be. What is most important to know about me is what I believe about God. That is what I am busy sharing on these pages! Some things may seem shallow, especially if I haven’t explored that part of the deep water, but be patient ~ I’m not dead yet so I’m still learning.    

I like music of all sorts, rainy days spent shopping, time spent with family & friends, being creative with my brain & my hands, and dreaming of a clean house! :0

I despise intentional stupidity and ignorance for the sake of self-inflation.

I’ve encountered evil, lived through murder, gave birth, and grieve the death of my child.

And I have felt unspeakable joy and contentment in my work and my relationships.

I love motorcycles, my cats, puppies, and SHOES!!!

There is loads more to tell you about me, but I’ll let you explore the blog while I try to figure out what else to tell you!

If you have any comments about this blog, please contact me. I’m looking forward to hearing from you ~ barefootpreachr(@)gmail.com


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  1. Barbe Shell

    It’s the wilderness we sometimes concentrate on, instead it should be our faith, as it’s changing and growing along this path. We are like the banks, rocks, trees and all that sit along the rivers which are shaped by it’s constant moving. Even the birds call out and sing along the way, and we should do this as well. It is alone in the wilderness that we become evolved as God shapes us with His constant motion. His love within our hearts is renewed during our cry of struggle on this pathway. And, then we can look upon like Springtime.

  2. Jim Powers

    Are you aware of the conference next month in Florida?

    1. RevPat

      I am. Thought I would post regarding items in Georgia since that is where I am located. Please feel free to share the additional info though – let’s get the word out!

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