About …Me!

Jesus gal, U. Meth preachr, Princess, shoe fan, survivor. Confident (assertive) proclaimer of God’s grace. “Who am I?” This is as close as I can get so far!

I am a wife, mother, daughter, disciple, preacher, pastor, student, teacher, writer, God-follower, God-worshiper,

… and the list goes on! Most importantly, I am on the way to becoming who I was created to be. What is most important to know about me is what I believe about God. That is what I am busy sharing on these pages! Some things may seem shallow, especially if I haven’t explored that part of the deep water, but be patient ~ I’m not dead yet so I’m still learning.    

I like music of all sorts, rainy days spent shopping, time spent with family & friends, being creative with my brain & my hands, and dreaming of a clean house! :0

I despise intentional stupidity and ignorance for the sake of self-inflation.

I’ve encountered evil, lived through murder, gave birth, and grieve the death of my child.

And I have felt unspeakable joy and contentment in my work and my relationships.

I love motorcycles, my cats, puppies, and SHOES!!!

There is loads more to tell you about me, but I’ll let you explore the blog while I try to figure out what else to tell you!

If you have any comments about this blog, please contact me. I’m looking forward to hearing from you ~ barefootpreachr(@)gmail.com


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