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Tour guides know the way

Tour guides have difficult, albeit enviable, jobs. They spend most of the day walking backwards, facing the group they are leading, talking about what they just passed. They have to know the route so well they can complete a tour without bumping into anything. If they lose their focus, or do not know the way […]

Thoughts on Blue Like Jazz

Posted my thoughts on the film Blue Like Jazz on my other blog, here.
It is a great movie. You should see it.

Discomfort = growth

I am afraid of heights. To anyone who knows me, this is no revelation. As a child I got “stuck” on the top of my neighbor’s jungle gym, paralyzed with fear. As an adult I had a moment where I thought I might be stuck on my own roof. The roof-to-ladder transition, and ladder-to-roof, is […]

It’s all about people

On Friday night I was reminded of what ministry is all about. This weekend I had the privilege of officiating the wedding of a young woman I met when she was in eighth grade, and the young man she loves (congrats Lillian and Tristan). Not long ago while cleaning up my contacts I found “Lillian’s the […]

Spring break!

Spring is here! Those in our area who missed its official arrival in the wee hours of Tuesday morning, know it has sprung now. Today is the first day of our school district’s spring break. Families are traveling. Kids are celebrating. It is time to take a break. My family – my wife the teacher, […]

Limited Limelight

As associates, or other staff members, we grow accustomed to limited time in the limelight. The lead pastor gets the majority of the “up front” duties while we are in the basement with the youth group, in the nursery with the children, at the booth running production, facilitating a meeting of a small group, or […]