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Internal Struggles

Tonight, well ok the last 48 hours or so have been hard. I recently found out from Alex that he and a friend are talking again. (Shocking I know!…please sense the sarcasm at myself.) Anyway, you’d think this would be no big deal but reality is for me it IS a big deal. It’s a… read more »
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Quiet Times

I’ve been a horrible no good very poor blogger lately. And I really don’t have any excuses other than well I’m in a bit of a walled off place. I don’t have any urge to take photos, sorry y’all the house ain’t pretty enough as a background, and well a post without pictures (sadly like… read more »
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His Man Card

It’s no secret that I take pride in my feet. My toes specifically. I like open toed shoes, being barefoot and in general exposing the darn things so I’m going to make sure they don’t resemble a Ballerina dancer’s bruised mess if I can help it. This habit / preference also means I tend to… read more »
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Snafooed by a Secret

I’ve been crafting up a storm lately. Well ok, mentally I have been crafting up a storm. In real life not so much, but I did go out this weekend and purchase items so that I can make my secret sister gift. Just for the record I also run marathons mentally, but sadly this has yet… read more »
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To My Prince Charming

No fairytale consists of only roses and perfume. There is always a challenge, a quest, a trial to overcome and I’m so glad that you are the Prince I get to fight the dragons beside. (Unless its Toothless…he’s too cute to fight.) Happy Anniversary my love. 3 years that have been hard-fought for and worth… read more »
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Never Forget & Link Party

Its September 11th which means today I remember. I remember sitting in the band office getting the phone call to turn on the news NOW. I was a senior and the images of the plane flying into the tower floored me. We all thought it was a tragic accident and then the second plane flew… read more »
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