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Do I look suspicious?

That’s what I asked the children gathered at the chancel area for our weekly conversation, after I removed my robe and stole and put on my hoodie. Do I look suspicious? Do I look dangerous or threatening? Or do I … Continue reading

Getting Smart on Crime

Houston’s murder rate fell 26 percent in 2011, reaching its lowest level since 1965, according to Marc Levin of the Texas Public …

It’s still about supply and demand. #EndDemand #EndSlavery

You’ve heard the River Story, right? I first heard it from Jim Wallis, but it seems to be a popular parable. I heard it invoked again at the meeting of Bread for the World activists last week. It occurs to … Continue reading

Announcements for Prison Ministry in Atlanta area

If you know someone with a loved one incarcerated they will be interested in the monthly Family Orientation meetings where you can come for …

Look who’s Cooking!

I do a lot of web-searching on various prison ministry programs and I am always looking for innovative and exciting new ideas …

CRIMINAL JUSTICE: The blessings and challenges of prison ministry

Most of us know that scripture calls us to visit those who are in prison (Matthew 25:31-46). Some of us think we …