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A Prayer with Beads

The use of beads (or knotted cords, or stones) to count prayers exists in early records of nearly every spiritual tradition. Their …

they JUST prayed

The Spirit told us what to do… Two young women set off to plant churches without plans or training because “Jesus said …

My Mondays with Mary

As I’ve shared before, I spend my Mondays in the National Shrine of the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, DC, which I call the basilica for short. I haven’t known exactly what to think about the dozen or so statues of Mary that are in the various chapels surrounding both the cathedral sanctuary […]

Praying Like a Child

A quotation from an excellent book on prayer.

Saying Goodbye Again

This is the third post with the title “Saying Goodbye”, it seems to be a theme over this past year. This morning I said goodbye to my church family because I will be leaving for seminary in a few days. Leaving your church family behind as you move …

#Facebook pages praise Aurora movie killer, social media site does nothing – National Crime & Courts

A number of Facebook pages have popped up praising the suspect in the Aurora, Colorado, movie killings, WND (an Independent conservative news website) reported Friday. One page, called …