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Cattle-Prod Wielding Riot Squads Put In Place To Control Black Friday Hordes In Atlanta

Believe it ….  (Atlanta, GA) – Bracing for the inevitable flood of rabid shoppers eager to take advantage of Black Friday deals, …

Women Get Into Black Friday Stun Gun Fight Inside the Mall

I read the following article (the italicized comments are mine) and thought to myself, “What in the WORLD is society coming to?!?” …

Road Trip: Grand Rapids Bound

3/5 of the commune is headed on a road trip this evening.  Leslie, Robbie, and I are getting in the car after dinner and driving through the night.  Destination:  Grand Rapids, Michigan.  I love Grand Rapids, Michigan.  I love Grand Rapids, Michigan because I love some people who live there.  And I love working for […]
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The Ten Commandments

Ahhh …..the days of scripture memorization, VBS, learning the Ten Commandments and the Lord’s Prayer in Sunday school. I thought those times …

Technology Q’s

I have some questions, who can answer? 1.  Is there an app that will allow me to set up a queue of instagrams to roll out a designated times? 2.  Is there an app that would allow me to be on multiple Instagram accounts at one time? 3.  Is there a way that I can […]
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What’s Going On

Finishing up a week of respite coverage at Goshen Valley Boys Ranch.  I had a great week with the boys, I’m thankful for the house we are assigned to.  I’ve been away from the commune for a week, looking forward to getting back. I’ll be home for a week and then I’m gone again for […]
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