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Cattle-Prod Wielding Riot Squads Put In Place To Control Black Friday Hordes In Atlanta

Believe it ….  (Atlanta, GA) – Bracing for the inevitable flood of rabid shoppers eager to take advantage of Black Friday deals, …


Women Get Into Black Friday Stun Gun Fight Inside the Mall

I read the following article (the italicized comments are mine) and thought to myself, “What in the WORLD is society coming to?!?” …

Is authentic culture possible in an age of mirrors?

Please forgive me for mentioning the name Miley Cyrus again. In a recent MTV interview, she explained her infamous VMA performance by saying that she just wanted to “make history.” There’s something about that statement that explains a lot about the state of our culture right now in an age of mirrors when rock stars […]


I’m fairly connected via random places around the interwebs.  You’re welcome to connect with me. (I’m really just putting this list together for my contact page and decided to make a post of it too.) Twitter Facebook Pinterest LinkedIn Google+ Instagram Postcrossing Postable Vine:  Denise Hotze


I got a new twitter handle. I really just wanted a fresh start. It’s that simple.  No other reason. If you want to follow me:  denisehotze   Related posts: do you tweet? five cents Archie & Eldred
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My journey this week has crossed paths with people of these paths – Goshen Valley Spark & Echo James Fund Good Goers Archie & Eldred   No related posts.
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