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You will find a number of free resources to download or print from these links. Some of them are my intellectual property and have been marked accordingly. Others can be found in various locations across the web. YOU are responsible for using them according to the requests of the owner. I have simply posted the link here as a courtesy to share the wealth of knowledge that our brothers and sisters in Christ have made available so that we may work together to grow the Kingdom of God here on earth. In all this, I simply ask that you are respectful of the resources made available and that you act as good stewards of the gift offered to you.

*If you are the rightful owner of any of these properties and would like to have the link removed, please email me or comment and I will honor your request.

**If you have a resource you would like to share with others, please email me or post a comment.

To God be all glory and honor!



1 Thessalonians: Sharing the Faith –  A 4-session Study Through the Bible Study Microsoft Word file with Leaders guide and Participants guide

Mere Christianity Study Guide – C.S. Lewis; made available through the C.S. Lewis Foundation, other study guides are also available such as: Surprised by Joy ; Miracles ; and The Question of God – the companion guide to PBS’ series, The Question of God: Sigmund Freud & C.S. Lewis with Armand Nicholi

Chrysalis Study Guide – for new believers, new believer classes, small group study; other guides found on this page include: 21 Days To Breakthrough WorkbookPresence Study GuideDiscipleship By Design Workbook 1 -5As A Man Thinks Study Guide and others.

FREE CHRISTIAN Ebooks – this is a word document with links to HUNDREDS of free Christian books. Many are classics, some are new, some are amazing, some … not so much, but all are worth taking the time to review.

Apologetics for a New Generation – Study Guide by Sean McDowell

Receiving the Day – Christian Practices for Opening the Gift of Time by Dorothy C. Bass, Lani Wright, and Don C. Richter

The Hole in Our Gospel – study guide; group study includes six sessions designed for individuals and small groups wishing to explore the question, “What does God expect of us?”

God’s Mission in the World – An Ecumenical Christian Study Guide on Global Poverty and the Millennium Development Goals

eBook – To Save A Life –  story about a student whose life is changed forever by a childhood friend’s tragic decision

eBook – Christianity, Hoax or History? – by Josh McDowell; McDowell shares compelling evidence for the resurrection of Christ, the authenticity of Scripture, and what it all means for us today

eBook – Skeptics Who Demanded a Verdict – another book from Josh McDowell; a resource for reaching out to friends who might be skeptical of faith

ebook – Stand – by John Piper & Justin Taylor

eBook – Love Without Agenda: My Journey Out of Consumer Christianity – by Jimmy Spencer

eBook – What Matters Now – provided by Seth Grodin; over 70 writers, bloggers, and thinkers share insights about one topic they feel is significant

WellSprings – A Journal of United Methodist Clergywomen (Winter, 2010)

Breaking the Silence – A resource to educate members of The United Methodist Church on the reality and prevalence of domestic/family violence in our communities.

On the Indiana Wesley Seminary resource page – you will links to missional, pastoral, theology, worship, and spiritual formation. There are just too many to list here!

Discover your gifts and explore your passion with this small group gifts discernment resource – What’s God Up To?

Looking for a resource to connect with college students? Check this out – “Campus Collections” a series of newsletters for students and parents.

Reading the Lessons: a guideline for the lector on reading God’s Word in worship.

Faith Practices of a Centered Congregation – a great resource to help your community think of ways to reach children and those who care for them.

Here you will find a Blessing of Vocation with prayers and blessings in English and Spanish. (So many ideas – but how much time?)

A 90-Day reading plan for the New Testament from the UMC.

Here you will find a concise, late-deadline weekly update on news of interest to church leaders titled Newscope.

One of my personal favorites is another publication of the UMC called Circuit Rider. It is a bi-monthly magazine that addresses many of the needs of pastors. I always find something within its pages to refresh me or make me think deeper of my personal spiritual walk.

Getting A Church Started ; Four Children’s Short Stories ; The Year- Round Book of Sermon Ideas ; 10 of Today’s Most Innovative Churches ; and more are available at this link.

A booklet titled “Something Good has Happened to Death” is made available through Reformed Theological Seminary, also available is “My Calling to Ministry” for those trying to discern their ministry direction.

Several lectures on the church and youth – “Something to Believe In”  by Shirley Guthrie; “Living an Ancient Future Faith” by Leonard Sweet; other lectures and from Princeton Theological Seminary can be found at this link.

Check out the journal of Concordia Seminary here , and a study guide to”The American Mind Meets the Mind of Christ” for the book by the same title. The description of the book reads as “Whether it is an altar to an unknown god or the New Atheists, Christians have always faced the challenge of translating the Gospel message within the surrounding culture. This is no less true for the tangled web that is 21st century America. Edited by global scholar Robert Kolb, these essays engage numerous facets of American culture—from politics to science, the movies to new media—to find the interconnections between the ‘American mind’ and the mind of Christ.”

From Denver Seminary you can sign up for their free magazine or go to the link for a pdf copy – Denver Seminary Magazine .

You can access the The (Online) Book of Common Prayer with resources for devotionals, liturgies for special days, service helps for baptisms, marriages, funerals, as well as historical documents of the early church. 

Small Groups & Accountability: The Wesleyan Way of Christian Accountability by Steven Manskar; a resource paper that  explores small groups and their role in the formation of Christian character for both individuals and congregations.

For personal spiritual growth a resource from the UMC can be found at “The Practice of Spiritual Leadership” which contains 40 chapters for growth. (A great idea for lent!)

Blended Families

Developing A Family Ministry For Your Church


Getting Disciple Making Right – this eBook will help you see how technology can help develop better ministry in your church.

Becoming Volunteer Centered – with insight into: Understanding the true role of ministry leadership, Identifying and sharing your purpose and vision, Meeting people where they are while achieving team goals, and Recruiting volunteers effectively.

Here is another free book to help you with Recruiting Volunteers

In Friend of the Lonely Heart: How Students Can Overcome Feelings of Loneliness, Josh McDowell and Norm Wakefield share their experience in ministering to teens and pointing them toward a meaningful relationship with Christ.

The Path for Developing Local Church Leaders – one of several leadership resources found on the website You will also find: Loving Relationships Minimum Factor Analysis and the quiz for discerning Loving Relationships in the church – each geared towards Church Development.

Grow: Reproducing Through Organic Discipleship by Winfield Bevins – “Organic discipleship is not a program or curriculum; rather it is about learning the natural rhythms of discipleship within your church context.”

The Art of Mentoring: A 14-Day Study of Biblical Experts geared towards leaders of student ministry to help develop students for Christian leadership. Made available through A New Kind of Youth Ministry.

You might enjoy some of these devotionals available to download and print: In Praise of the Creator from Park Street Church; Being a Girl: 5 Days Devotional;  Devotional Field Book available through the U.S. Marine Corps; Stewardship of Creation through webofcreation(.)org; from the Lutheran Church- Missouri Synod – 50 Days Ablaze!;

A devotional for cancer patients can be found here. The preface begins: “As a Christian who was diagnosed with cancer in 2000, I know the struggle to think Biblically when facing this dreaded enemy. And once the chemotherapy was over, I found that the battle continued on in a new way, a battle with fear in my mind. The fear was, “What if the cancer returns?”

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