Agape! “I am the Light of the World!”

    • Earrings — iron together perler beads and then put earring stuff on. Could do non-pierced this way as well as pierced, I believe.
    • Vest — pin agape on to it (not as agape item — but to display agape have received)
    • Braided bracelet — different colors satin cord braided together.
    • Frog eraser — “Leap for the Lord — Jesus has erased our sins.”
    • Mirror — “May your life reflect God’s love.”
    • Salt packet like get at fast food place and Christmas light bulb small — “Salt and Light”
    •  Balloon — “When you feel deflated – God will always fill you up.”
    • Today you blossom with the Lord’s love.” With a small flowerpot with flowers. Wal-Mart has some tiny 1″ or less flowerpots in craft section — they are spring colors, 6 to a pack. Small width rainbow ribbon glued around top of pot.
    • Cocoon out of jute thread hanging down from a branch.
    •  Jesus nut — 6 sided hex nut — 1/4″ Howard’s Lumber had best price; 100/box=$4.00 Not stop nuts — they cost more. Technically, one on helicopter has 8 sides, but I didn’t find any little ones with eight sides.

Blue ink: “In the operator’s manual the nut that
Blue ink: holds the rotor to the top of the
Blue ink: helicopter is described as the Jesus nut.
Green ink: Keep this nut on your key ring as a reminder
Red ink: that Jesus holds your life together and without Him
Orange ink: your life could fall apart.
Yellow ink: Col. 1:17

  • Put ribbon on 7 square wide plastic canvas cut long enough to fit in spine of Bible and add saying: “Slide this bookmark in the spine of your Bible.”
  • Q-tip “God cleans the deep down dirty places we don’t want to think about.”
  • Small wooden spoon as butterfly body; poster paper wings.
  • Foamy cut into foot shape: “The mind of man plans; The Lord directs our feet.”
  • Coffee filter angel
  • Feather glued to a card with this saying:

I am an angel feather
Sent from God above.
To serve as a reminder
Of His most gracious love.

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