Agape! “I am the Light of the World!”

  • Clay pin —
  • “Abba Father
    You are the potter
    We are clay in Your hands
    Mold us and fashion us
    into the image of Jesus your son.”

    •  Short square nail painted black glued crossways to longer square nail painted black to make cross. Point of long one put in block of wood.
    • Apple cut out of index card (apple hole punch – med size) Somehow the peanut is attached and hangs down below that.
    • Nut Pop!

    Peanut in shell, face drawn on; shellacked to preserve
    Never Underestimate The Power Of Prayer

    • “I will follow Jesus — He knows the Way” Footprint cutouts on small card
    • Stick of gum: “Chews Jesus — Jesus is the same yesterday, today, tomorrow.
    • Lace angel
    • Piety stool — wood cut out with hold saw and sanded smooth on edges; dowels miter cut and glued to bottom.
    • Puzzle piece – “Jesus is the missing piece” 
    • Guitar pick — “Make a joyful noise unto the Lord.”
    • Ear plugs: “For keeping out noise as you’re reading God’s Word”

    For still, quiet times with Jesus, our Lord
    For helping you concentrate on God’s guidance true —
    For letting you know that we care for you.
    Be still and know …

    • Disposable razor:

    “The Word of God is living and sharper than any two-edged sword.”

    • Take ribbon and make an x. Glue on safety pin to make a butterfly pin.
    • Cross made from perler beads ironed together.
    • Angel made with perler beads ironed together. Wire wings.

    Halo —white or Yellow
    Head — beige
    Body – blue

    • Make a barrette with curly ribbon (red ribbon, etc. — one of each color of rainbow), tie onto big bobby pin and then curl.
    • Put 6 small gold safety pins hanging from one small gold safety pin. On first hanging one put lavender seed beads (fill up safety pin); on second one the next color and so on till have as many colors of the rainbow as you can — all 6 if can get 6 safety pins hanging vertically from the horizontal safety pin.
    • Tiny twisted paper angel
    • A watch made like: (see below). “A watch to replace the one they took away.”

    Ribbon wristband — striped?
    Some kind of ring about the size of a watch face – like on key rings
    That holds ribbon or cloth in it so you can see it
    Hands are like the inside flower parts that come off some kind of silk flower. I.e., little oval things with a tiny, tiny bit of stem.

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