Agape! “I am the Light of the World!”

  • Votive candle. Strip of paper wrapped around and glued.
  • “Let your light so shine before men, that
    they may see your good works and give
    glory to your Father who is in Heaven.
    Matthew 5:16.

    • Magnet sheet — small. Picture and “Prayer Spoken Here.” Have seen a rolled sheet of magnet “paper” at Wal-Mart, but haven’t tried it. There are also some interesting computer things — but don’t know if there are magnet ones. Have seen ones you can make bumper stickers (don’t know if they are static cling or what) that you can find in computer supply area.
    • Small plastic canvas rectangle with pocket. Small plastic canvas cross inserted. Saying folded up and put in there also: “THE CROSS IN MY POCKET.”
    • Ruler. Type clear label(s) with words: GREAT IS THE MEASURE OF OUR FATHER’S LOVE and stick on. Another idea: Put label on that says: “He ruleth by his power forever;…” Psalm 66:7 Long Variation: Bookmark made from heavy paper. Scan ruler into computer (use wood ruler with very little original wording on it). Copy so have as many as can get on page and so that ruler is right size, i.e., 7 ” on the paper = real 7″. Consider scanning as much of 12″ ruler as can and then cutting it at 7″. If words are typed in 14 pt. Tahoma font that will leave about one inch on each side of the words. (Used 7″ because 7 is God’s complete number.) Can go into WP and put words on the ruler.
    • Put chocolate on spoon and sprinkles (like gourmet spoons, can buy at store for sweetening coffee). Attach verse about taste and see that the Lord is good or the one about Prayers smell sweet to God 2 Cor (2:15?)

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