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“Prison Ministry” is a larger concept, including the support of the spiritual and religious needs of prison guards and staff, whose work in an often demanding and brutal environment often creates a special need for pastoral care, similar to the care that is extended to the military, police officers and fire fighters.

Click on any of the following links for full pdf documents. (*Please note – these documents can be found on other resource web sites, but are gathered here for your convenience. I DO NOT claim authorship, unless specifically noted.)

I have tried to break each page into resources that are specific to particular areas of ministry.
Page 1 – General Prison Ministry Resources
Page 2 – Ministry Resources towards the Incarcerated
Page 3 – Ministry Resources towards Families of the Incarcerated
Page 4 – Ministry Resources towards Children of the Incarcerated
Page 5 – Ministry Resources towards Personnel in Enforcement
Page 6 – Ministry Resources towards Victims of Crime

Please be patient with me as these are developed – this is a work in progress! Your constructive suggestions, suggestions for resources, requests for resources, are all welcome. Feel free to post under comments or email me directly: barefootpreachr (at) gmail (dot) com.

    1. 2009ResourceGuide
    2. Prisoners Assistance Directory
    3. childrenofincarceratedparents_factsheet
    4. Children of Incarcerated Parents
    5. Kinship Care When Parents are Incarcerated
    6. CHILDREN WITH INCARCERATED PARENTS – selected resources
    7. Children of Incarcerated Parents – Bill of Rights
    8. Children of Prisoners Library – List of National Agencies, book list, other material
    9. Supporting Children of Incarcerated ParentsSenior Corps projects examples
    10. Creating A Healing Community

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