Teddy Bears on Patrol Compassion program

UPDATE:  As of 2/16/2012 we have collected and distributed over 23,000 (!) stuffed animals to children in crisis. Our next collection and distribution date is coming soon!

* Originally established in September, 1996.

I’ve had a lot of questions on how this program works, what are some of the guidelines, how can YOU start this kind of program in your community. So, here goes – hope this answers some of your questions!

How the program works:

Teddy Bears on Patrol

Coordinator/leadership volunteers:

  • Makes contact with government and local non-profit agencies that work with children in crisis to develop a list so that the bears are distributed to as many areas as possible. Local referrals are welcome.
  • Determines the number, size, frequency, and condition of bears needed by each agency.
  • Provides Teddy Bears on Patrol information to each Local Volunteer Unit along with support and ideas if needed.
  • Will pick-up counted animals from Local Volunteer Unit and deliver to centralized staging center.
  • Sorts according to agency needs, bags individual animals, and makes arrangements for delivery to various agencies.
  • Continuously seeks new ways to expand the program locally and wherever other possibilities exist; promotes community and business participation in the funding of this program; and looks for additional community involvement of this program.

Local Volunteer Collection Sites:

  1. Will inform community members and general public of program dates, collection procedures,

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