Teddy Bears on Patrol Compassion program

UPDATE:  As of 2/16/2012 we have collected and distributed over 23,000 (!) stuffed animals to children in crisis. Our next collection and distribution date is coming soon!

* Originally established in September, 1996.

I’ve had a lot of questions on how this program works, what are some of the guidelines, how can YOU start this kind of program in your community. So, here goes – hope this answers some of your questions!

How the program works:

Teddy Bears on Patrol

Coordinator/leadership volunteers:

  • Makes contact with government and local non-profit agencies that work with children in crisis to develop a list so that the bears are distributed to as many areas as possible. Local referrals are welcome.
  • Determines the number, size, frequency, and condition of bears needed by each agency.
  • Provides Teddy Bears on Patrol information to each Local Volunteer Unit along with support and ideas if needed.
  • Will pick-up counted animals from Local Volunteer Unit and deliver to centralized staging center.
  • Sorts according to agency needs, bags individual animals, and makes arrangements for delivery to various agencies.
  • Continuously seeks new ways to expand the program locally and wherever other possibilities exist; promotes community and business participation in the funding of this program; and looks for additional community involvement of this program.

Local Volunteer Collection Sites:

  1. Will inform community members and general public of program dates, collection procedures,

Accidental ministry bears fruit

More than 18,000 stuffed animals have been donated since “Teddy Bears on Patrol” began in 1996. I started the “Teddy Bears on Patrol” in 1996 after my family was in a car accident. A stranger stopped to help and gave each one of my kids a small stuffed toy each to keep. This touched us …

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Teddy Bears on Patrol – Sample Ideas

Program ideas: Have a week-long competition between grade levels to purchase teddy bears and see who can bring in the most change. Use water jugs (5-gallon size) and a funnel, label clearly for each grade level, and place in a prominentplace. Daily collect the loose change, count, and report the amount to the students each …

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  1. Deb

    i donated a fireman styled bear to my local fire company. i have a pattern to crochet a bear, which i’m going to donate to the ambulance corps. :)

    1. RevPat

      Go girl! :)

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