Teddy Bears on Patrol Compassion program

and other pertinent information to their particular program theme.

  • Will contact Coordinator/leadership volunteers with information on Local Volunteer Collection Sites planned program. It is helpful to include: program dates, target number of animals to be collected, preferred pick-up date and times, and local volunteer contact name and phone number.
  • Will bag collected animals in large bags for transportation by Coordinator/leadership volunteers. (We suggest that the animals be counted for publicity information prior to being bagged and passed on to the  Program Coordinator!)
  • This is the basic outline. I will add more info such as a sample letter and publicity ideas shortly.

    Please also remember these points:

    1. Contact the Teddy Bears on Patrol Chairperson with your program information. Include dates, contact name and phone numbers.
    2. DO NOT take the animals to one of the local agencies. We try to carefully make sure that enough animals are distributed throughout the county and we must have your help in this area.
    3. Count your animals before bagging them up for the Teddy Bears on Patrol chairperson to pick up. We want you to be able to proudly announce those numbers!

    Have fun!

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