Teddy Bears on Patrol – Sample Ideas

Program ideas:

  1. Have a week-long competition between grade levels to purchase teddy bears and see who can bring in the most change. Use water jugs (5-gallon size) and a funnel, label clearly for each grade level, and place in a prominentplace. Daily collect the loose change, count, and report the amount to the students each morning. Reward the grade level with the largest amount collected.
  2. Announce at a PTA/PTO meeting the efforts being made to collect for this program and ask everyone to drop any loose change, bills, checks, etc. in a large Bear bucket before leaving. Purchase the teddy bears with the collected money, photograph them and let everyone know how much was collected and how many bears were purchased.
  3. Amend your budget to allow the use of one month of Skate night profit, or a hot dog supper, to purchase teddy bears.
  4. Sponsor a dance for students where the cost of the admittance is a donation of a stuffed animal.
  5. For Valentine’s Day have students bring in a new or gently loved animal and give them a “prize” – like sweettarts, heart-shaped lollipop, etc. This could be themed around any holiday – or no special day by using Hershey Hugs.
  6. Use the Character Education program word-of-the-week and build a collection around words like “compassion”, “sharing”, etc.
  7. Have students that bring in stuffed animals sign a life-size teddy bear pledging to wear their seat belts, or report safety issues, or to be kind to someone else.
  8. Let students win a special gift – a Beanie Baby Bear – for each stuffed animal they bring in they receive a ticket for a daily drawing, or weekly drawing. You could use gasoline coupons, food coupons, movie tickets, etc for upper level students.
  9. Have a poster contest, “Teddy Bear Show-off” –this would be a contest where students could get a ribbon for the prettiest bear, the most colorful bear, the largest bear, etc, Collect animals for the week or two while students vote on these bears.

Please remember these are only suggestions for different program ideas. You may adapt any one of these, or combine a few to come up with a program that works for your situation. We would love to hear the details of your Teddy Bear program so that we can share it with others.

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