An Examination of Conscience

Quietly listen to Christ speaking to you:

My child, think about your attitudes and outlook. Have your thoughts … your needs … your words … and your actions been worthy of one of my apostles?

How have you coped with your problems today? Have you stumbled in the face of them? What was the reason? Think it over.

Think about the means of grace available to you, the ways that you may grow in my grace: morning and evening prayer, worship, Holy Communion, spiritual friends. Are you availing yourself of these means of grace? Could you be more attentive and receive more benefit?

How long has it been since you have visited a spiritual leader?

When will you go?

And what about your serving? Could you have been more charitable, more daring, more self-sacrificing, more positive?

What are the obstacles to grace in your life? Are you trying to eliminate those obstacles by yourself? Or are you depending upon my Spirit?

What about your time? Do you make the time to be a disciple? Listen to me. Isn’t it true that you find time for the things that really interest you?

I, who am your God, would almost be content if you would treat me as well as you treat any of your friends.

As my disciple, what have you done today that I might be better known – that I might be better loved?

Remember what wounds my heart most are the infidelities of the “faithful.” I count on you! And you, on whom or what do you count?

What, Who, is the source of your spiritual life?




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